Custom Development

Our team of experienced Software Smiths are perfectly suited to help solve your most complex problems and business needs. We are able to help you meet today’s rapidly changing environment!

Cloud Ready

Whether you have your own metal or need a cloud focused solution, our Software Smiths are here to help you!

We have built many solutions on the biggest and most reputable cloud infrastructure providers.

Mobile Applications

Our team is well versed in building connected mobile applications for smart businesses delivering quality enterprise solutions.

Let us help you market your business and your ideas into the hands of your customers on their iOS or Android devices.

Web Applications

Whether you need to enhance your internal web applications to enable your business to reach the next level or you want a web application to reach your end users we can help you.

With so many devices and screen sizes that can access your web application, you need a partner that understands the landscape. We partner with you to ensure a scalable, fast and pleasant experience for your users. Let us help you create a great web user experience to the people you care about.

Database Design & Development

From database architecture, data collection, to analytics and the cloud - we offer intelligent solutions to assist your business with digital integration.

We believe that regardless of how complicated the problem is, the solution should be user-friendly. We look beyond the ones and zeros to give you real insight into your business needs. Partner with us today and let us give you actionable results.


Let our team of UX/UI experts assist your organisation to establish a clear user interface and user experience design and process that meets and delivers a spot-on end result. Digital Solution Foundry will assist you to build an engaging production that your users will love.